Skin and Moisture : a famous Love story ! ,

The weather can be hot or cold or windy or rainy, it can rain or snow or the sun can shine, your skin needs moisture !

Skin Moisturizing is the first skincare ritual you learn when you are young, after cleansing routine..

How do you know your skin needs to be moisturized ?

·         you have taut skin or itchings after cleansing

·         you can feel dehydration fine lines on your skin, when you touch it !

·         wrinkles seem to be more visible

what to do ?

you have first to look at your cleansers, see if they are well suited for your type of skin. Use soft  and moisturized cleansers, which respect the protective film of your skin (hydrolipidic film).

Then, apply a moisturizing serum, more concentrated than a cream,  which is going to bring water and boost the moisturizing process of your skin.

Apply then a moisturizing cream which provides moisture and prevents water from evaporating.

Repeat the same routine morning and night to boost efficiency..


Our Condensé Advice :

The new Active Moisturizing Serum meets perfectly all the moisturizing needs of the skin.

Non comedogenic, silicone free, 1 to 2 drops are enough to boost the rate of hydration in your skin, with  a velvety touch, never oily or sticky.

The high moisturizing power of plant -origin Hyaluronic Acid, combined with Mountains’ Aloe Vera Extract, reloads my skin in water and strenghtens it to face urban pollution or dehydration.

You can apply then the Deep Moisturizing Cream to secure the moisturizing action and provide brigthness and radiance !


Our second advice !

Apply 2 drops of serum under your mask to boost action !

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