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Purifying - Matifying - Sebum  Regulating - Radiance - Detoxifying - Balancing
Rose Active

Condensé has always loved composing its formulas like bouquets of flowers. The Queen of Flowers caught our attention.

The Rose Active range thus uses certain plant parts of 5 precious roses that we have selected for their magical powers on the skin.

  • The Rose aux Cent Feuilles, Rose of the empress Joséphine, which keeps water in the epidermis
  • The Rose de Provins, cultivated for 3000 years, with soothing and softening powers
  • The Rose Blanche, whose main benefit is to revive the radiance of the complexion
  • The Rose des Alpes, known for its Anti-Aging functions and which boosts cellular metabolism the Rose du Désert, with moisturizing and lipid-replenishing properties

Formulating with rose petal wax, oily rose extract and rose water hydrosol was a real revelation for Condensé.

Our ultra-natural formulas, suitable for all skin types, especially dry and mature skin, each offer extraordinary results for the skin.


A face care routine must be based on your skin’s needs. Generally speaking, this routine consists of different steps, using a variety of skincare products.


Cleansing and makeup removal are essential steps in your face care routine and must be systematically performed. Thanks to Condensé Paris natural face care, this beauty ritual takes on another dimension. No more feelings of tightness and irritation. Nature offers soothing, nourishing ingredients and active principles for gently cleansing skin and removing makeup. Use, for example, Cleansing Jelly Balm with Flaxseed Oil or Micellar Cleansing Water with Lavender Blossom Extract to remove makeup and impurities trapped in the skin pores. Complete the effectiveness of the micellar water’s natural active ingredients with Bright & Soft Lotion, formulated with Marshmallow and Linden Extracts, for clear skin and a radiant, flawless complexion.


When the first signs of aging appear, it is essential that you adapt your beauty routine to your skin’s needs. It is important to treat the wrinkles and fine lines that form on the epidermal surface, while fighting against skin dryness deep down.


In addition to protecting your face and body from the harmful effects of the sun, it is necessary to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin and help boost the skin cell renewal process.

Mature skin is sensitive skin that requires gentle and effective treatments. This is why it is better to use natural active ingredients rather than chemical agents, which may irritate the skin.

It is vital to replenish moisture to mature skin types, both day and night. Applying a moisturizing cream to the face and neck will protect your skin from the various stress factors it is subject to throughout the day and help it fight against signs of aging, by treating it at the source.

Anti-Aging Regenerative Cream with Red Clover Flower Extract reactivates skin metabolism and restores volume, while significantly reducing wrinkle depth. Applied to the face and neck, this cream, packed with high performance natural active ingredients, such as Muscat Rose Oil and Lupin Flower Extract, helps oxygenate the skin, leaving the epidermis soft and supple.

Complete the action of your anti-aging face cream, by first applying a serumAnti-Aging Repulping Serum with Wild Pansy Extract, stimulates the production of endogenous hyaluronic acid for plumper skin and attenuated wrinkles and fine lines. It may be used as a serum underneath cream or alone as a lightweight cream.


Taking care of your body is essential to keeping skin velvety soft. Enjoy a relaxing moment and well-deserved sensorial experience with our body care treatments. Certain areas of the body require special care, such as the hands and chest.


A body scrub eliminates dead skin cells that accumulate on the skin’s surface. It stimulates the natural cell renewal process, allowing the epidermis to become well-oxygenated. Exfoliation also helps improve penetration of the subsequently applied natural body care products deep down into the lower skin layers.

For silky, soft skinBody Scrub by Condensé Paris is formulated with crushed walnut shells to remove dead skin cells and impurities that have accumulated on the surface. Dermatologically tested, and formulated without mineral oils, artificial colors or parabens, this treatment pampers your skin with natural ingredients. The Carrot and Sunflower Oils contained in this precious tube gently nourish dry skin. A moment of moisturizing, soothing and nourishing well-being, ideal for all skin types.

Women have been won over by the natural skincare brand CONDENSÉ PARIS, as it offers an ultra-healthy and genuine approach to skincare for the face and body, with a maximum concentration of natural ingredients in formulas that do not contain heavy chemicals.

Condensé Paris loves to compose floral bouquets, country-style and elegant… all of which are highly active and effective on the skin.

The Condensé range also allows us to rediscover the vegetables and fruit that deliver a wide range of benefits to our “mistreated” skin.

Condensé Paris has proven successful in gently repairing, regenerating and protecting even the most sensitive skin with unique and highly innovative textures, while fighting against signs of aging...

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Our natural treatments are tested alongside leading products on the market. All our products are tested for tolerance, efficacy and sensoriality. Condensé is committed to ensuring that its product meets its criteria.

100% of our cosmetics are made in France.

Condensé Paris is committed to the effectiveness and safety of its products: tests are carried out on the active ingredients and on the finished products. The raw materials are selected with care and vigilance, free of any suspected harmful substance.

The Condensé formulas have at least 90% ingredients of natural origin and up to 99.5% ingredients of natural origin, the objective being to be as natural as possible without forgetting the pleasure of use.

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