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  • Uncomfortable skin in winter !
    Uncomfortable skin in winter !

    In winter, our skin asks for more comfort. Changing your day cream to a richer cream is good but changing the texture of your cleanser is often forgotten.

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    After sunny holidays, your skin is thicker because of its fight against sun.. you have to make it work again by stimulating the cell renewal. Skin needs as well to receive as much hydration as it can. You have then to follow the important ritual : Apply exfolating skincare which is going to smooth the skin surface, refine pores and give radiance. Do not forget your body ! you need to scrub your body skin as well ! Then, moisturizing action is

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  • Cocoon for skin
    Cocoon for skin

    Listen to the messages of your skin, looking for soothing, moisturizing and comfort.. It is time to use your coat by using richer and more protective skincare.

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  • Les bienfaits de l’Huile de Lin
    Les bienfaits de l’Huile de Lin

    Connaissez-vous l’Huile de Lin ? Cette huile végétale utilisée depuis des millénaires dans la médecine asiatique contient de nombreuses propriétés et bienfaits pour notre santé et notre beauté. En actifs dans les cosmétiques, en complément alimentaire ou dans la cuisine, découvrez tous ses bienfaits et son utilisation. 

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  • Happy Christmas everyone!
    Happy Christmas everyone!

    Short on ideas for Christmas presents? A beauty product is an original gift that is sure to please. Condensé is here to help with two suggestions to delight your nearest and dearest… Youth Hand Cream: Our hands always need to be hydrated, protected and nourished. Condensé Anti-Aging Youth Hand Cream does it all: it acts on the signs of aging thanks to Red Clover Flower extract, while Wild Mango Butter repairs and protects my skin f

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  • Bellis Perennis
    Bellis Perennis

    Looking for a unified and radiant complexion? This natural active ingredient comes from the Daisy Flower extract and focus on melanogenesis process to reduce dark spots

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  • Nos 3 Lauréats aux Victoire de la Beauté
    Nos 3 Lauréats aux Victoire de la Beauté

    Pas peu fière de gagner chaque année, depuis 3 ans, le prix des Victoires de la Beauté. Nous vous proposons un zoom sur ces 3 produits exceptionnels qui ont su conquérir les consommateurs. En effet, le prix des Victoires de la Beauté est indépendant, ce sont des consommateurs qui sont juges et non la presse...

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  • Hundred leaves white Rose
    Hundred leaves white Rose

    A combination of Radiance and Softness! This active ingredient with astringent, antiseptic and soothing properties comes from the Alba White Rose extract

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  • A detox cure for my skin!
    A detox cure for my skin!

    New year is the opportunity to detoxify your body and skin.

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  • Flawless and Blemish Free
    Flawless and Blemish Free

    The Purifying Matifying Emulsion , with its Olive tree leaves extract, provide so many properties targeting oily skin !

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  • A unified complexion with our anti Dark Spots program :
    A unified complexion with our anti Dark Spots program :

    With Ageing, medical treatment, hormonal changes, we can see, appearing on our skin, some dark spots with different sizes . Sun rays emphasize the phenomenon . This is why a serious treatment providing visible results is necessary to get a more unified complexion : 1st step : apply every day a unifying and anti dark spots treatment, which is going to act on pigmentation process (melanogenesis) by stopping the production of melanocytes an

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  • Hibiscus Flower Acids
    Hibiscus Flower Acids

    A soft and smooth skin!! This ingredient comes from the calyx of the Hibiscus Flower Sabdariffa, naturally concentrated in pyruvic acid. Thanks to this powerful ingredient, cell renewal and collagen synthesis are deeply stimulated.

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