Beauty program for redness and sensitive skin! ,

Whether your skin is dry all the time or only on occasion, it needs hydration and protection. Condensé offers a cream and serum regimen with repairing and soothing properties to perfectly meet the needs of sensitive and reactive skin.

Soothing Cream: Bandage Cream

A shield for dry and sensitive skin, Restoring & Soothing Cream, specially designed for this skin type, contains a high number of natural extracts directly chosen to take effective action deep down.

Kudzu and Maca Roots and wild mango butter will act directly on inflammation, targeting enhanced skin comfort and reduced redness.

Restoring & Soothing Cream protects my skin from the cold, wind, and temperature variations.

Day after day, my redness is less visible; my skin is softer and more comfortable. The skin on my face is renewed. My skin is revitalized and its suppleness and elasticity restored.


Anti-Redness and Soothing Serum: 99.33% ingredients of natural origin

New from Condensé Paris for the winter season!

Redness, visible capillaries and discomfort appear on our skin, which is weakened by environmental factors such as UV exposure and temperature variations. Fair, fine skin is also more prone to this problem.

Our ultra-concentrated soothing serum incorporates natural active ingredients at the heart of its formula that will relieve feelings of discomfort and visibly reduce redness in sensitive and reactive skin, offering a tailored solution.

Its transparent texture sprinkled with golden bubbles combines softness and a velvety feel, with no greasy effect.


• 15% reduction in the visibility of Redness after 28 days.* * (In Vivo test - 23 volunteers – 28 days)

• Calms feelings of discomfort: 74%**

• The complexion is more luminous: 83% **

**(Self-Assessment - 23 volunteers – 28 days)

Three active ingredients that make the difference:

• Four o'clock extract — a plant whose flowers open as soon as the sun disappears — lowers skin reactivity, minimizes redness caused by irritation, and restores the barrier function for enhanced comfort.

• Prickly Pear extract provides relief and hydration for stronger skin.

• Carrot Oil, rich in antioxidant Provitamin A, regenerates damaged skin and reinforces the skin’s defense mechanisms.

A must-have product!

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