• Dark spot, what can you do ?
    Dark spot, what can you do ?

    Sunny days are coming and I do not want to see dark spots appearing or increasing ! You must first of all, protect your skin from sun and take a sun protector in your bag to be ready for the day. Do not hesitate to apply several times during the day.

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  • Regain radiance and brightness on skin
    Regain radiance and brightness on skin

    Spring is coming and our skin needs to renew to find back radiance and freshness. Exfoliating is essential at that time. You can use a soft and non agressive exfoliation once to twice a week .

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  • End of Winter Holidays
    End of Winter Holidays

    Cold or Sunny ? What skincare must we bring ? Seaside or snow slopes, the Youth Creamy Mask is your SOS mask to keep your skin smoothed and hydrated. This skincare miracle provides soothing to sensitive skin, agressed by sun, wind or cold.

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  • A detox cure for my skin!
    A detox cure for my skin!

    New year is the opportunity to detoxify your body and skin.

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  • Uncomfortable skin in winter !
    Uncomfortable skin in winter !

    In winter, our skin asks for more comfort. Changing your day cream to a richer cream is good but changing the texture of your cleanser is often forgotten.

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  • Radiant Skin for party !
    Radiant Skin for party !

    Need more brightness and coup d’éclat ! The secret is to exfoliate gently once or twice a week.

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  • Vitamin Cocktail
    Vitamin Cocktail

    Autumn is coming ! Boost your body defenses to keep your energy . Don’t forget the skin !

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  • Cocoon for skin
    Cocoon for skin

    Listen to the messages of your skin, looking for soothing, moisturizing and comfort.. It is time to use your coat by using richer and more protective skincare.

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  • Don’t forget exfoliation
    Don’t forget exfoliation

    The best friend of any sensitive skin is the Melting Exfoliation Mask ! After sun, sea, wind and/or air conditionning, my skin needs softness and efficiency to regain with brightness.

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  • Sun is there ! beware of Dark spots !
    Sun is there ! beware of Dark spots !

    Feel like lazing under sun without taking care of dark spots ! Apply the Perfect Lightening Serum, every morning under your day cream, or your sun protector.

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  • Spring is there : time for new skin !
    Spring is there : time for new skin !

    Need radiance, moisturizing and suppleness ? For a perfect program, combine the Deep Moisturizing Cream in the morning, providing hydratation and smooth

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  • Cold is around us! Incomfort and dryness as well!
    Cold is around us! Incomfort and dryness as well!

    Get back to softness and comfort, like a sweet cachemire blanket on your face! Restoring and Soothing Cream for the day and Night Repairing Serum, used as a creamy serum just before bed.

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