How to soothe face redness
19 octobre 2022

How to soothe face redness

Face redness is a particularly unpleasant skin condition. Uncomfortable and unattractive, skin redness is caused by various factors, including cold weather, poorly suited cosmetics, heat and even heredity. Discover our recommendations on how to care for redness-prone skin and limit its appearance.

What causes face redness?

Skin flushing, or face redness, can be attributed to several factors. It may be the result of skin hypersensitivity, or the symptom of a skin condition (rosacea, couperose, acne, etc.).

Face redness is caused by hypersensitive blood vessels in the dermal layer. When they become excessively dilated, the skin turns pale pink, bright red or even purplish red. Redness can appear over the entire face, or only on a small area (cheeks, chin, wings of the nose or forehead). Although fair skin is most often affected, all skin types may be subject to skin flushing.

Hypersensitive skin is the leading cause of redness and may be aggravated by multiple triggers, such as:

- A sudden change in temperature and exposure to cold and heat;

- Menopause;

- Consumption of alcohol and certain foods;

- Drug therapy;

- The application of harsh and unsuitable skincare products and makeup (foundation, scrubs, creams, etc.);

- Heredity (this concerns vasoreactive skin, in which blood vessels are abnormally sensitive);

- Skin aging, whichmakes it more sensitive to external stress factors.

Several skin pathologies can also lead to the appearance of redness. This flushing may be permanent or occur intermittently. One of the main skin afflictions that causes redness is rosacea, whichis an inflammatory skin disease that generally affects the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. There are several phases. Phases 1 and 2 are characterized by erythema, accompanied by feelings of heat, and occasionally couperose (dilated capillaries). In phases 3 and 4, skin lesions resembling acne appear. Although this condition is more visible in fair complexions, it can affect all skin types.

Acne can also cause redness. Red patches on the face may be the consequence of inflammation caused by acne pimples. Eczema and hives are also two skin conditions that can trigger redness. In this case, we recommend that you consult a dermatologist to receive the most pertinent advice on how to take care of your skin. Your dermatologist may also prescribe a specific treatment.


How to naturally relieve face redness

Does your skin show signs of redness that you find unattractive? Fortunately, there are several solutions for attenuating face redness. If it is not caused by a skin disease, redness can be the result of extremely dry skin. This is why facial flushing is generally more visible on dry and sensitive skin.

To limit the risk of redness in dry and sensitive skin, the best solution is to use a beauty routine adapted to the specific needs of this skin type. Get rid of harsh scrubs, overly aggressive soap and any skincare techniques that involve rubbing the face. Instead, choose gentle skincare products formulated with natural ingredients.

Gently cleanse

When you have redness-prone skin, cleansing and removing makeup can quickly become a nightmare. Indeed, if the skincare products and techniques used are not suitable, this step in your beauty routine can cause even greater irritation and leave the skin particularly fragile and uncomfortable.

To safely remove makeup and cleanse your skin, use Cleansing Jelly Balmby Condensé Paris. Formulated with Flax Oil, it is ideal for removing makeup and impurities, while restoring softness and comfort, even to dry and sensitive skin.

Soothe with lotion

Facial lotion is also an excellent way to soothe irritation and attenuate redness on a daily basis. This type of product completes the facial cleansing routine and soothes feelings of discomfort that can appear after washing skin with hard water.

It is best to use products made from natural ingredients. Bright and Soft Lotion by Condensé Paris is ideal for soothing skin and diminishing redness. Formulated with Lime Blossom and Mint extract, this face care lotion works deep down, thanks to its healing, nourishing and soothing properties.

Protect with suitable skincare

To fight against face redness, moisturize and nourish your skin both morning and evening. Moisturizing and nourishing the skin is essential to strengthen the hydrolipidic film, the barrier composed of water and lipids that protects your skin from external stress factors (cold, sun, pollution, wind, etc.).

To create a personalized beauty routine and attenuate facial redness, choose serums and moisturizers that address the problems of sensitive skin. This is particularly true of Anti-Redness & Soothing Serum and Restoring & Soothing Cream by Condensé Paris. When used as part of your regular skincare routine, this serum and moisturizing cream provide long-lasting results in reducing face redness and relieving sensations of discomfort in dry and sensitive skin.


How to conceal redness

To conceal persistent redness, makeup is your best ally. However, make sure you select the most suitable products and gently apply your foundation and concealer. Choose soft makeup brushes and apply a lightweight foundation to avoid a cakey result. Finally, apply a green concealer to stubborn redness and set your makeup with a very light loose powder. Your complexion will look even-toned and beautifully luminous!