Gift Card !

Feel like making friends happy with surprising gifts?

Think of e-Gift Card Condensé Paris !

You have the choice between :  50€, 100€ and 150€.

You can print the gift card to offer or send it by mail to the person of your choice.
An Advantage Code will be sent to you, to purchase online and benefit immediatly.

Directions for use :

Select The E Card and confirm the amount you want to offer.

Write the message you want to be visible on the E Card and validate your order.

As soon as the amount is validated, you will receive an email with your E card Gift Condensé Paris and a unique code.

This code can then be used by the beneficiary when purchasing.

If the E card Gift does not cover in total the purchasing amount of the beneficiary, the difference won't be refunded.

The E Card Gift Condensé Paris can only be used for 1 year, starting when purchased, and only on the Condensé Paris website.

This E Card Gift Condensé Paris is not refundable and won't be replaced if lost or stolen , or at the end of validity.

1. Select a template

2. Gift card information


(200 remaining characters)

3. Select the reception mode