The efficient and awarded ally against dark spots !
11 avril 2019

The efficient and awarded ally against dark spots !

The Perfect Lightening Serum

The Condensé Anti Dark spots serum has amazing and visible results, thanks to the Daisy Flower Extract. This very concentrated serum has to be applied morning and night under your cream.

 It is going to act on :

  • Pregnancy mask
  • Acne healing marks
  • Aging spots
  • Vascular spots
  • Sun spots

Its light and non oily texture, combined with its non -photosensitive formula allow you to use it on every type of skin, all complexion, at any moment in the year. 


Use Instructions :

Easy to apply, the serum can be used :

v  Either on identified spot, morning and evening, before my cream

v  Either 3 or 4 drops on the whole face and décolleté under my cream or my sunscreen.


Strong asset :

The Daisy Flower extract is a natural and powerful active ingredient : it is going to target the melanogenesis process and can provide action even after having stopped the use of the serum, up to 15 days after.


Our customers’ reviews : they are the best spokesperson !

Isabelle- 39 years old « my complexion is quickly and efficiently brighter and more unified. »

Catherine – 50 years old « My skin is so radiant and the imperfections have disappeared . »

Patricia – 44 years old « this product is really working. It is also well absorbed and it is not oily ! »

Marie -55 years old « i really saw visible results. I had dark spots and they have reduced in surface and are lighter than before. »

Sophie – 49 years old «  I love the texture and smell. It is not invasive and so pleasant. »