Get rid of your crocodile skin, to be radiant and like a star for the first spring days !
27 mars 2018

Get rid of your crocodile skin, to be radiant and like a star for the first spring days !

Spring is coming and you ‘ve been waiting for a long time to have a break on Paris terraces or in your garden !

To regain soft and radiant body skin that you can show to your friends, start by taking care of yourself.



Use scrub from the head to the toe, insisting on more thicker parts like knees, elbows and heels, once a week.



You have to hydrate every morning and every night.

If your skin is very dry, use a balm.

If your skin is just dry, better use body milk and if you need a lighter texture, body mist is perfect.

Don’t forget to take care of :

  • Your Hands : very exposed to cold or wind, they are quickly dry, rough or red..
  • Your Feet : stucked in your shoes for long periods in winter, you have to prepare them for sandals.
  • Your Décolleté : often forgotten, this part of your body is quickly exposed to sun rays.


You have to protect your body skin from sun rays in order to avoid dark pigmentation and aging.

Absolutely use sun protector to avoid sunburns.

Condensé advice :

For Scrub > Walnut and Sugar Body Scrub, once a week on wet skin. Thanks to its Sunflower and Carrot Oils, my skin is moisturized and as the formula is turning into milk when in contact with water, you do not need to apply immediatly a moisturizing product.


For Moisturizing :

> Body mist if you want a light but efficient effect : ginger milk provides moisturizing , without any oily effect. It goes quickly into skin and you can get dressed immediatly.

>Massage Body Balm if my skin is very dry. Thanks to hazelnut and carrot oils, my skin is smooth, deeply moisturizes, for a velvety touch..

This is perfect as well for my feet, in the evening, before going to bed…

>Youth Hand Cream  if you want to hydrate, smooth and get rid of your brown spots.

>Firming Chest Cream, to firm up, smooth and moisturize your décolleté..