The Condensé Secret for a moisturized skin !
21 juin 2017

The Condensé Secret for a moisturized skin !

The Condensé Secret for a moisturized skin !


The first essential action is to clean skin morning and night with a non drying cleanser. It must not include alcohol or irritating ingredients..

With Condensé cleansers, we use moisturizing ingredients, such as Fig gel, Marshmallow Root or Flax Oil…

Then, use, morning and night, a moisturizing cream which provides water and prevents the lack of water by restoring the skin protective film (Hydro Lipidic film).

To end your beauty ritual, once a week, use the melting exfoliating mask and the creamy mask.

Gentle exfoliation gets rid of impurities and dead cells for a better absorption of the mask and cream’s active ingredients.


Condensé advice :

Clean your skin with Fresh Cleansing Gel and Bright and Soft Lotion, morning and night.

Then, apply our Deep Moisturizing Cream for more hydrated, smooth and soft skin.


Our trick :

2 nights every week, I apply my creamy mask in thin layers, and sleep with it !!