Our Story

When she creates Condensé Paris, Nathalie Lamande makes herself the promise to be faithful to her own values of sincerity and strictness , to offer women the skincare she has always dreamt of and that she wanted to share.

After few years of experience in the Cosmetic world, developing skincare for famous brands, she understands that she has a true and new beauty message to give to women.

Her husband joins the aventure, providing his industrial experience and the skills of his high tech factory and laboratory, close to Paris.

"Nature can offer your skin healthy and powerful ingredients, able to solve any problem, in any type of skin.

Results have to be visible and you have to see improvement quickly or after 1 month.

Pleasure in texture and application, morning and night, is a must to adopt a product and be loyal to it.

Discover our products that have been already used by more than 2 millions people among the world!”

Nathalie Lamandé