Condensé Paris commitments :

Condensé Paris, “Flowers under your skin”, offer the right balance between highly natural formulas, surprising sensorial textures and efficiency with great results, consistently proved by serious clinical tests.

Condensé formulas speak to your heart as well as your face, with an innovative sense of creation.

Condensé Paris is more than ever offering efficient and reliable skincare products, targeting face and body.

  • Natural Skincare, with 100% natural active ingredients, highly concentrated, coming mainly from unknown, beautiful or country flowers and from plants and algae as well.

    Condense made the choice to be free of: Paraben, Phenoxyethanol,
    Alcohol, Mineral oils, Artificial coloring...

  • Technical skincare, answering the needs of every type of skin, using powerful natural ingredients with visible action on skin, immediately and on a longer term basis.

    The clinical tests, carried on in France, highlight great results on very significant issues, such as dark spots or wrinkles, caring as well for sensitive skin.

  • Sensorial innovation in textures, providing pleasure to use and re-use… our textures can be light, with a “one second absorption”, more nourishing without being greasy, very innovative in the way they act on skin, fresh and always gentle.

Our fragrances are natural-origin, coming from Orange Flower Blossom, Citrus and Green Tea, always light and soft, like in a garden.