Face: what are the best techniques to use for exfoliating your skin?
8 juin 2020

Face: what are the best techniques to use for exfoliating your skin?

Subject to stress and pollution, your skin is in dire need of oxygen. Learn the most effective techniques to gently exfoliate your skin!


Exfoliation is a key step in every beauty routine. It adds instant radiance to the skin on both the face and body. Nonetheless, it is essential to use the most suitable products and correct techniques to avoid damaging skin during the exfoliation process. Discover everything you need to know about exfoliation.



Why we should exfoliate our skin 


Who doesn’t dream of having perfect skin? A radiant complexion, velvety smooth skin, no more dead surface cells... this is obtained through exfoliation. The skin is constantly regenerated throughout the day. In this cell renewal process, older cells die and are replaced by new ones, which is why exfoliation is vital. It helps eliminate dead skin cells for deep-down cleansing action.


When exfoliating the face, the complexion radiates with an instant healthy glow. Exfoliation unclogs pores and eliminates excess sebum. This beauty care step also helps fight against minor skin irregularities.


When exfoliating the body, the skin appears more beautiful, smoother and silky soft. Exfoliation is ideal to prepare skin for the application of a nourishing, moisturizing or slimming treatment. In both summer and winter, exfoliation allows these products to penetrate the skin more quickly.



How to exfoliate your face


Exfoliation is an essential part of every beauty routine. However, to ensure optimal benefits, it is essential to adopt suitable exfoliating scrubs as well as good techniques. As the skin on the face is particularly fragile, it must be treated with extra special care. In the same way as you choose your face care products, it is important to know your skin type when selecting your exfoliator. Different skin types require different exfoliating scrubs.


Dry and sensitive skin


There is no reason not to exfoliate dry and sensitive skin. However, it is essential to use a mild exfoliator to avoid damaging the epidermis and its hydrolipidic film. Enzymatic scrubs are perfectly suitable for sensitive and dry skin, as they use fruit enzymes that deliver gentle skincare action. Enzymatic scrubs exfoliate the skin, without causing irritation. Melting Exfoliating Mask by Condensé Paris uses Hibiscus Flower acids to eliminate dead cells and impurities for clear, luminous skin. Formulated without mineral oils, artificial colors and parabens, this skincare mask uses natural active ingredients to gently care for all skin types.


Normal and combination skin


Combination skin has dry and oily areas. This is why it is important to exfoliate skin, without causing it to become dry. Enzyme scrubs are ideal for this skin type. A mechanical scrub may be an interesting alternative, as long as it has a non-abrasive texture.


Oily and acne-prone skin


Oily and/or acne-prone skin requires deep cleansing without using harsh products, which can damage skin. A mechanical scrub is not recommended for oily skin, as it can stimulate sebaceous glands and cause pimples to form. In this case, it is best to use chemical exfoliation.