20 janvier 2020


 The holidays are over… but the cold weather is here to stay and my skin needs comforting.

I take the opportunity to keep the resolutions I made at the start of the year. I’m taking care of myself!

I begin by cleansing my skin and I remove my makeup with Cleansing Jelly Balm.

Its original luscious multi-phase texture thoroughly cleanses my skin; impurities and strong makeup gently disappear, without stripping skin.

Fragrance- and preservative-free, it suits all skin types, even the most sensitive.


Apply a dab of the oil-balm all over your face, massage until it transforms into an oil, then add water. The balm will then melt into a lotion on skin. I continue to massage a little, then rinse off with clear water.

Results: clear, soft and comfortable skin.

The added extra: As I’ve massaged my skin when using the balm, I’ve activated the blood circulation and reactivated cell respiration! The skincare products that I apply next will be more effective and my skin brighter.

Let’s continue to take care of our skin with Youth Creamy Mask.

A real emergency mask, I can use it whenever I want or when my skin is crying out for it; and it is desperately crying out for it!

It can be used as a cream to protect me from the cold, as a sleeping mask to repair my skin, or as a radiance boost before an evening out if my skin is tired! It’s THE mask to have to hand…


Application: I apply it in a fine layer all over my face and leave it on for 10 min. I remove any excess, if necessary, with a cotton pad soaked in Bright and Soft Lotion. The best thing is to let it be absorbed…


I don’t forget my body!

I protect and treat my hands with Youth Hand Cream.

This comprehensive skincare product targets nutrition, the signs of aging, and pigmentation marks.


I nourish and repair my scaly legs and dry feet with Massage Body Balm.

It’s goodbye to “flakes” on my pantyhose or inside my pants! The plant oil and sugar complex repairs my skin deep down.

My skin is soft and smooth!