The eye contour: an area to be protected!
20 novembre 2019

The eye contour: an area to be protected!

A fragile and often neglected area, the eye contour must be protected and treated like the rest of the face. And even more carefully…

The skin of the eye contour is ten times finer than the rest of the face. Put under strain by our expressions and external aggressors (wind, cold, etc.), this area of the face needs specific, appropriate skincare.

There are several concerns to note for this small yet incredibly demanding part of the face:

  • Blue or brown dark circles
  • Puffiness
  • Signs of aging
  • Fine dehydration lines

How can you have a smoothed, hydrated and refreshed eye contour?

In the morning after cleansing your skin, apply specific eye contour care.

Nota bene: a grain of rice is enough for each eye. Pat into skin and then apply your usual serum and skincare cream.

Do the same thing in the evening, if you have been wearing makeup. Eye makeup must be removed gently with a suitable product.


Application tip:

To reinforce the decongesting effect, I can place my bottle in the refrigerator door.

I apply it at the bottom of my lower eyelid, bordering on my zygomatic bone (cheekbone).

Working in an outward direction, I begin by smoothing and then patting.


Condensed Advice:

Cleanse your face and eye contour each morning with Bright and Soft Lotion.

Dry and take a grain of rice-sized amount of Smoothing Eye Serum, smoothing it over the lower and upper eyelids in a supple movement.

Always work in an outward direction.

In the evening, remove face and eye makeup with Micellar Cleansing Water. Ideally use a cotton pad for each eye, especially if you have sensitive eyes.

Take a grain of rice-sized amount of Smoothing Eye Serum, applying it in the same way as in the morning.