Get ready for holidays !
11 juillet 2019

Get ready for holidays !

As soon as summer is coming, we take out coats, tights, pull over to offer our skin to sun rays..

Our skin is covered all year and she needs help before being exposed to summer sun !

You have to exfoliate your body once or twice a week, insisting on legs, arms and rough parts.

You can then use slimming cream if you want to be slim and moisture generously the rest of the body.

Your skin is going to be quickly soft and moisturized. You will be so glamourous, under your hat !

Don’t forget to protect your décolleté with a sun screen protection. It will slow down the aging of your skin due to frequent sun exposure.



Condensé Advice :

Exfoliate your body with the Walnut shell Body scrub. So efficient and sensorial, your skin is getting soft, smooth and silky.

++ : Rich in plant oils that turn into milk when rinsing, your skin is moisturized and does not need a body cream if you don’t have time..


You have to care every day about your décolleté with the Firming Chest Cream. And for your legs, you can use the Massage Body Balm.

++ : perfect for your feet in open shoes !

Don ‘t forget your sun protection SPF 30 or 50. Be so careful about sun rays !!