What do I use after ?
21 février 2019

What do I use after ?

  • At 40 years old, my skin is more lazy to renew and boost collagen production. My skin is getting thiner ! I have to choose a skincare which is able to lift and prevent my skin from sagging effect.


Anti aging skincare morning and night, without forgetting neck and decolleté and I add a serum under my night cream. This is essential to follow this ritual !


  • At 50 years old, hormonal changes make my skin dryer . thiner, the support of collagen and elastine is really decreasing. A lack of density and pigmentation spots are appearing..

A mature skincare is perfectly fitting all these needs. Of course, I don’t forget my eye contour, my neck and my hands !

Condensé Anti Aging Treatment :

  • At 40 years old, morning and night, apply the Anti Aging Repulping Serum. Add at night one drop of the Night Repairing Serum if my skin is dry, and one drop of Action Booster Serum if my skin is normal to combination type.


  • From 45/50 years old and more, morning and night, the Anti Aging Regenerative cream. I can combine as well in the morning 2 drops of the Perfect Lightening Serum and at night, 2 drops of the Anti Aging Lifting Serum.