Which Anti Aging Skincare for my skin ? when do I start ?
23 janvier 2019

Which Anti Aging Skincare for my skin ? when do I start ?

It is difficult sometimes to know exactly when to start and more particularly, what to use when aging is coming.

Even if we are all getting older, our skin is expressing differently.

Indeed, apart from endogenous causes, external facts can increase the skin aging :

  • UV- Sun Exposure
  • Pollution
  • Life stress
  • ..



Then, when must I start ?

Act 1

  • It is better to start for a prevention purpose, at 25/30 years old, with first signs of ageing skincare.


Your skin always renews its needs in collagen. Wrinkles and fine lines are generally superficial and often caused by deshydration.

If you start using your mum’s cream, it is often the wrong choice. Indeed you don’t have the same skin and same needs ! it is often too rich to your skin.


Eye Serum, Skin Serum and Moisturizing cream have to be in my beauty pouch !


What do I use after ? Act 2 next time


Condensé Anti Aging Treatment : Act 1

  • At 25/30 years old, morning and night, use the Deep Moisturizing Cream (normal to combination) or The Restoring cream (dry skin). Once a day, apply the Soothing Eye Serum and use twice or 3 times a year as a cure treatment, the Action Booster Serum .