After the end of the year’s parties, our body and our skin need to be detoxified !
4 janvier 2019

After the end of the year’s parties, our body and our skin need to be detoxified !

Heavy food and chocolate abuse have to be erased..

The first essential step is cleansing.

Every day , focus on cleansing and make up removing with the right products !

Then, whatever your type of skin, let’s get rid of dead cells and impurities with the action of the Melting Exfoliating Mask.


If I have a combination skin and even oily :

I can apply every morning the Action Booster Serum, under my usual cream.

Maca Root extract is going to provide energy and vitality to my complexion.

At night, I take a drop of Night Moisturizing Fluid, to improve the detoxifying and soothing action on my skin,   thanks to Olive Tree leaves extract.


If my skin is dry and very dry :

I use every night a drop of Night Repairing Serum, under my usual night cream.

To strenghten the action, I can apply the Youth Creamy Mask, twice or three times a week, in thin layers.

Our Condensé Advice :

  • The Youth Creamy Mask can be used as a Sleeping Mask.
  • Apply a drop of Night Repairing Serum under the Youth Creamy Mask, for a bright, detoxified and soothed skin !


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