Beautiful for Christmas and New Year’s Eve !
11 décembre 2018

Beautiful for Christmas and New Year’s Eve !

I am the priority and i want to take care of my skin.

 Face Treatment

Don’t forget the 2 following products, before a party or when you have time for you :

  • Melting Exfoliating Mask

This Exfoliating mask exfoliates without any grains ; it is in fact a soft peeling which is going to act in only 2 minutes on skin, thanks to Hibiscus flower acids. Enzymatic action !

It will get rid of dead cells and impurities for a more luminous and brighter skin !


  • Youth Creamy Mask

This creamy Mask is full of remineralizing active ingredients ; it allows your skin to be hydrated very quickly .. 10 minutes are enough to smooth and revitalize my skin !

You can use as much as you can.

 Every day skincare to use 2 to 3 weeks before the year’s end celebrations :

  • Anti Aging Lifting Serum, morning and night under my cream, to smooth and firm up my skin..
  • Bright And Soft Lotion, every morning and night, for a brighter complexion.


Body Treatment

Don’ t forget your body !!

No more dead cells ! no more » white dead cells « on my pants or tights…

Use the Condensé Body Scrub to get rid of them.

2 in 1 Skincare :

  • Thanks to the scrubbing action of the finely grinded walnut shells and sugar, my skin is soft and smooth.
  • This body scrub is also full of oils suchs as carrot oil and sunflower oil, which turn into milk under the shower and leave a non greasy protection film. Your skin is moisturized.

 I use it twice a week, putting water and scrubbing gently the whole body, particularly on legs, arms and decolleté. Rinse it. Guaranteed Smooth and bright skin !

Then, I provide more moisture with the chest cream on my decolleté and also under my arms for more firming up !