Youth Creamy Mask
28 novembre 2018

Youth Creamy Mask

The Essential in my toilet case !

Formulated as a cold cream with oils, plant butters and waxes, this amazing mask soothes, repairs and softens for an immediate comfort on skin.

*Passion Flower and Avocado Oils to soothe and protect the skin

*Orange and Sunflower waxes to hydrate and calm down the skin

*Wild Mango Butter, rich in vitamin E, to nourish and protect thanks to anti oxydating action.

*Algae like Ocean amber seaweed or Laminaria digitata to act on wrinkles and skin radiance.


As a Multi functionnal skincare, I can use it when I want it and when my skin is requesting deep moisturizing.

Some examples of our unconditionnal users :

*after a cold and windy walk

*after a day at skiing or in the mountain

*after a sea trip

*Before a party

*when my skin is taut, when I can see very dry areas

*when my skin is lacking radiance

* to smooth and reduce fine lines

*during and after a long flight


Easy to use, I can apply it :

*Either like a mask, in thin layers on the whole face and eye area ; i can wait 10 mins until its total absorption. Don’t rinse it.

*either like a cream , in the morning and at night.


My Condensé Advice :

I use it as a sleeping mask !! i apply it on thin layers and massage after 10 mins to have the cream absorbed and go to sleep !

When I wake up, my skin is supple and moisturized !!