Don’t miss our amazing Eye Serum !!
22 juin 2018

Don’t miss our amazing Eye Serum !!

The Eye area is 10 times thiner than the rest of the face skin. Indeed, this face area is in demand et your eyes give immediatly the reflection of your mood or health..

You have to take care of it and don’t forget it !

First of all, use a cleanser adapted to the fragile area of yours eyes .

Apply the make up remover with a soft cotton pad or directly on your fingers, according to the different textures of your cleanser, for an efficient and respectful cleansing.

Then, apply every day your specific eye care. Choose your texture according to the moisturizing state of your eye contour.

Be careful not to use a too rich cream ; you could have some milium spots appearing..

Our Condensé Advice :

Clean your eyes with our Lavender extract’ Soft Micellar Water. It will efficiently clean your eyes and face.

Don’t forget to soak a cotton pad and leave it for 10 seconds before slipping  the coton pad on your eyelashes.

Another advice is to put your cleansing bottle in the fridge to improve the decongesting action. Of course, use sunglasses under the sun to protect your eyes…