It is time for DETOX !
6 mars 2018

It is time for DETOX !

After the winter biting cold or strong wind, the clothes’ rubbing, my skin NEEDS to wake up slowly et to get prepared to summer weather !

It is time for DETOX !

First of all, you have to get rid of the toxins you have stored in your body since the beginning of winter and then, hydrate strongly your skin.

Boosting skin metabolism is essential : use specific products or active massaging or gestures such as drainage massaging and stimulating pressure movements.

As an end, it is so important to protect your skin, by applying an anti oxydant skincare and city sun protection.

Our DETOX with Condensé :

Cell renewal is longer in winter and skin is thicker and rougher.

In order to boost the cell renewal, smooth and scrub :

Apply once or twice a week the Melting Exfoliating Mask, followed by the Fresh Revitalizing Mask, once a week, for a strong detox action.

Easy to use and quickly efficient, you will have results after 2 minutes application !

Gel texture provides softness, fitting all type of skin.

To boost the Anti Aging mecanisms and protection of skin, don’t hesitate to apply Action Booster Serum which is going to provide protection for cell DNA, repairing, smoothing and radiance, thanks to its high concentration in Blue Seaweed.

It is your best friend when there is season’s changes..

Morning and Night under your cream.

2 main actions :

-          in the morning, apply the Deep Moisturizing Cream, which is going to provide smoothing, radiance and bloom while moisturizing.

-          In the evening, use the Night Moisturizing Emulsion, which really repairs and regenerates your skin during the night.

Just a drop on your face for a repulped, radiant skin for the days coming.

Don’t forget your sun protector, even in the city, to fight against sun agressions.