Winter holidays are coming and our skin needs are going to change !

Winter holidays are coming and our skin needs are going to change !

Winter holidays are coming and our skin needs are going to change !

We are going to bear strong changes with sun and snow, on a short period .. the skin has no time to get used to it.

We have to provide the right skincare to help it.


With Sun or Snow, my Mayday skincare , that i can use at any time of the day or of the night, at the North Pole or in the Caribbean islands : the YOUTH CREAMY MASK.

Rich in Passion Flower Oil, Wild Mango Butter and Avocado Oil , this amazing skincare provides intense comfort and great suppleness and moisture.

It helps repairing and protecting my skin against external agressions like wind, cold and air conditionning ..

You have to use it as a daily mask during this period.

Condensé good point : you can also use it as a morning and night cream or as a SLEEPING MASK .

Sun in winter :

in the morning :

clean your skin with our soft Micellar Water and then put your anti Dark spots skincare and finally, apply you sunprotector. If you can apply it 20 mins before going to the sun, it is much better.


In the evening :

Clean deeply your skin with Micellar Water and apply the Night Repairing Serum as After Sun skincare.

Very complete, this 2 in 1 serum is as concentrated as a serum and as moisturizing as a cream !.

It will help you protect your skin and no need to take a lot of products !!

Avocado Oil, rich in Vitamin E, is going to repair and nourish intensively the skin, while Sweet Almond and Caper Flower are providing soothing effect after a day of sun.

The + :

Anti Aging action thanks to Cassia Angustifolia Extract.

Snow in Winter :

Only take cocoon and nourishing skincare.

in the morning :

use your cream and don’t forget to apply your sun protector.

In the evening :

Clean perfectly your face with Jelly Cleansing Balm, and rinse with water. Then, apply a layer of Youth Creamy Mask.

My skin is radiant and moistured in no time at all !!


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    Patricia T. Gravley
    avril 14, 2020

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    juin 21, 2020

    Yeah, winter and summer require different products for skin care. I got to know about this from my academized friends, and I want to thank them for sharing such vital information with me. They are always looking out for me.