Detox for my skin after parties !

Detox for my skin after parties !

Detox for my skin after parties !

The skin, as the body, requests a detox cure , for the New Year !

My Detox Routine with Condensé :

Have a good and deep cleansing with the Fresh Cleansing Gel and the Bright and Soft Lotion.

Then Apply our magical enzymatic Melting Exfoliating Mask, which is going to act as a soft peeling and restore the hydrolipidic film on my skin.

Quick and efficient ! 2 to 5 minutes to get a clean, soft and radiant skin !

You can do it twice a week, as a cure during 3 weeks, the time for cell renewal.

Third step is the serum applying : Action Booster Serum !

This powerful concentré is going to boost the skin mechanisms for more action and a less tiring skin.

At the end, apply our Night moisturizing Emulsion for complete detox and moisturizing, to get a radiant skin when you wake up !

Our Condensé advice : for a more tonifying action, pour the Bright Soft Lotion in a pump bottle and press twice for a real and pleasant effect on skin !


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