Back from holidays, skin issues are also coming back !

Back from holidays, skin issues are also coming back !

When you are back from holidays, your skin can feel some small spots appearing.

How can you keep your complexion unified and soft ?

The most important is to start with a deep cleaning with the action duo cleansing gel and lotion/tonic.

Lotion/tonic is often forgotten,but it is very useful : have a deep and complete cleansing, soften skin after water contact, and a lot of other assets !

Then, it is necessary to gently exfoliate without damaging skin too much with no grains exfoliator. Apply as well a purifying mask once or twice a week.

Don’t forget to apply every morning and night a purifying and regulating skincare to control sebum.

Condensé advice :

Keep cleaning carefully morning and night with Fresh Cleansing Gel. It provides soft and efficient cleansing and purifies skin with a double moisturizing action.

On a cotton pad, apply the Bright and Soft Lotion , on the whole face, in order to have a complete make up removing and refine pores.

Take then a drop of Purifying Matifying Emulsion and massage on face for a clear and clean skin, day after day.

the + :

Avoid sun exposure when pimples appear. Don’t touch them to prevent from healing marks.

Apply non greasy sun protector before leaving home !!


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